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How Marketing Is A Lot Like A Barstool
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Much like a barstool, your marketing program will probably topple if it’s not being supported by at least three legs (or, three pillars). Unless you want to rely on search engine optimization (SEO) alone—a tough hill to climb—you need some additional routes to get the word out about your amazing company, what makes you different, and your website.

What’s a busy professional to do? You can write only so many blogs, attend only so many networking events, and afford only so many conferences. If you’re as busy as many in the construction industry are these days, you can’t really spend any more time prospecting like that.


Social Media to the Rescue

This is the part where I say, “So, what social media channels are you using?” And then you say, “I talk to friends/family on Facebook, and I think Twitter is dumb.”

Taylor Swift tweeting about her lunch aside, social media is an incredibly powerful tool for service providers, manufacturers, and sellers to approach seriously. Think of it as your opportunity to speak to a group of pre-qualified customers…24/7…with a minimal amount of time actually being spent! Because this is what social media really is: Digital networking for the 21st century.

Here’s a quick example of how it could work:

1.     You blog (on your website) about the great project you just completed.  People may or may not go there to read about it, depending on a whole bunch of factors (SEO, how often you blog, if you have a regular following, etc.)

2.     The next day, you post a LinkedIn update on your company or personal LI page telling everyone you recently completed the greatest sustainable project ever and they should read more about it on your blog. Of your 387 connections, eight of them head over to your blog and one “shares” your blog post with their connections. Boom—some people who never read your blog before start reading it.

3.     Two days later, you post something about that same amazing project (with a link to your blog post) on Facebook. If you also send messages to key partners & business colleagues asking them to like and share your post they probably will. Your FB/LI post (which was originally seen by only a few hundred of your followers) will now appear on the page of all those people who liked/shared your post. And that means it could appear on the pages of all their connections. Your “reach” (that’s the number of people who might see your post) can expand exponentially, from a few hundred people to several thousand.

4.     Email the owner/marketing person of your great project, and ask them to follow steps #2 and #3, and have their employees/partners share your post. Your reach will increase by many more viewers. This is how small companies have posts with 25,000+ views.

Your success story could end up in front of 10,000 pairs of eyes with a little extra work, a little luck, and some effective use of social media.

Take a few minutes to contemplate the humble barstool…

Charles Luna

Gnu 2 Marketing

Powerful Marketing & Branding




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