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Green Updates That Add Value to Your Business
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Incorporating green updates into your company gives you an opportunity to take environmental responsibility for the part you play within the commercial industry, as well as to save yourself some money on business costs as time goes on. And studies show that when a company establishes and maintains sustainable practices, they increase their ability to both adapt and succeed in the long term. While any green update is sure to add value to your business and provide ongoing benefits to take advantage of, Modernize suggests the following effective options:


Solar Roof Panels

Installing solar panels on the roof at your place of business will immediately start to save you money on energy costs and put your company on the map as an eco-conscious entity within your industry. Whether you decide to install enough solar to power just the lights or phone systems, or enough to install a net-zero system, you’ll find that every little bit helps to improve your bottom line and increase the overall value of your business.


Solar Water Heating

A great way to decrease your company’s carbon footprint and save money on overhead costs is to install a solar hot water heater to service the employee kitchen and restrooms. This alone can cut your hot water heating costs in half, and solar water heaters tends to heat water quickly, which means your company will likely save quite a bit of wasted water throughout the year, too.


Window Insulation

Adding extra insulation to your office building’s windows is an inexpensive way to reduce the need for using your HVAC system, and therefore minimize wear and tear as time goes on. To insulate your windows, simply have your technician put a coat of insulation window foam between the panes and frames of each one and then fit them with insulation film, which will protect your interior floors, walls, and furniture from harmful UV rays.


Waste Minimization

By eliminating anything that doesn’t provide value to your customer, you’ll minimize significant waste and save money for both your business and your clients. Focus on reducing the production of scrap materials and inventory losses to start seeing quick results. Implementing recycling programs into your place of business is another great way to minimize waste. You should also find it helpful to install low-flow aerators on all the building’s faucets, which will cut your fresh water use and waste-water distribution.


Hybrid Transportation

If you or your employees rely on company vehicles for business transportation, it’s a good idea to replace standard models with hybrid options as your budget allows. You may even want to offer employees perks for investing in their own hybrid transportation. This tactic will not only help set you apart from your eco-conscious competition, but you’ll enjoy how each hybrid company vehicle you invest in offers up to 50 miles per gallon.


These green update ideas shouldn’t create much inconvenience for employees or clients while putting them into place, and each are sure to start paying for themselves right away.


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