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I Have A Brand…See, It’s Right There On My Business Cards
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Has your company begun to establish its “brand”? No, not a logo—a brand?
The bad news is that most businesses either don’t understand what a brand is, or are developing a brand that doesn’t work as well as they would like. The good news is that you are developing a brand, even if you don’t realize you’re doing it!

What is your brand? It’s what your company stands for, how it does business, and every aspect of your business that’s seen by or is interacting with your potential clients. So, is your company logo is a part of your brand, but it’s only a part of your brand.

If you’ve taken the time to start a marketing plan and done a little bit of client research you should have a pretty good picture of what your clients are interested in—an image that sells, a level of service that’s desired or other expectations they might have for the goods and services you provide. If you’re not familiar with what those expectations might be, a good starting point is to look at other existing businesses that appeal to people who are like your clients. If you’re offering quality and value, look at how other quality+value businesses present themselves. If you’re selling to Gen X-ers, look at businesses that appeal to that age/social/style group.
Some thoughts you want to consider:

  • What is the imagery like? Playful vs. Serious; Technical vs. Artistic; Masculine vs. Feminine; Image driven vs. Text driven
  • What colors are being used in collateral (both digital & print)? Some common color theory thoughts are (very briefly) that red=energy, yellow=hope, blue=trust, and green=nature. Here’s a good article on color theory if you’d like to learn more.
  • While it’s great to be a marketing pioneer, there are certain things that your group will expect to see: One example is that clients expect to see an About Us/Bio page on an architecture or engineering website.

Ultimately, you need to really understand the people you want to be your clients. And, you need to understand them well enough that you can accurately project an image that convinces them you are the company (out of every company in the world) that they should do business with. This comes from a combination of your experience and that research we talked about previously.

Charles Luna

Gnu 2 Marketing

Powerful Marketing & Branding


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