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Net Zero Homes?
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9/12/2012 at 6:11:54 AM GMT
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Net Zero Homes?
What is the key component to a Zero Energy Home?

9/12/2012 at 3:29:44 PM GMT
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You know you've asked a good question when the answer is: it depends. 


There are 3 main questions to ask when considering net-zero homes: How much money you want to spend, how comfortable you want to be, and how healthy you require the home to be.

Any home can be net-zero, if you go all-electric and install a gazillion solar panels.

To not spend so much money on PV, you need an efficient home. That means low energy appliances, lights, etc, low air leakage, great insulation, and efficient heat delivery.

If you have a tight, efficient home, you control the boundary of what is indoors and what is outdoors. When that boundary is really distinct, managing water and air movement becomes very important for the durability of the structure and the health of the occupants.

A home with low air leakage, high insulation, proper moisture management, and good air quality is a comfortable, healthy, high performing home. With this home it's easy to add PV to get to net-zero energy use.


To make your home net-zero, talk to a good professional who's done it before. CGBG is a great resource.

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