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Air Sealing the Attic Hatch
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9/12/2012 at 3:42:07 AM GMT
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Air Sealing the Attic Hatch
What's the best way to seal an attic hatch with pull down stairs? I want to continue to use the attic for storage and access it several times a year.

9/12/2012 at 3:45:29 AM GMT
I suggest a Battic door system that is an insulated and air sealing device that is easy to open. 

Another option is to build a plywood box around the stairs and then install a lid that can be sealed air tight.  Then you add a layer of rigid foam on all 5 sides that lead into the attic so that when the lid is in place there is an insulated and air tight enclosure over the stairs.

Good Luck 


9/14/2012 at 6:22:47 AM GMT
I agree with Deacon, about the box concept.  But, in my experience, the Batic Door product does not perform as well as a good box and lid design.  And when inspecting pull-down stair assemblies with an infra-red camera and blower door, anything short of an air tight and well insulated assembly will show up as a weak point.  

Here are a couple video links that may be helpful for DIY'ers:  
I am not promoting this product specifically, but I like this design and air sealing details.
There are other DIY guides too.  Just use thicker material and make it more like a box with a lid.

A couple notes to consider:
* Foam board with a foil facing provides additional winter and summer benefits, and also resists flame and smoke spread in case of fire.
* I also recommend building up the attic "storage floor" to allow thicker ceiling insulation for better performance.  If your attic looks like the ones in the videos, you have more energy upgrades to do.

Last edited Friday, September 14, 2012
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